Shells and Trails: Discovering the Wonders of Snail Life

Friday, May 24, 2024
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This week, our nursery children embarked on an exciting journey exploring the world of snails! Here's what we discovered together:

Snail Homes: We learned that snails carry their homes on their backs – their shells! These fascinating structures protect them and provide a safe place to retreat.

Preferred Habitats: The children found out that snails love to live in dark, damp places. We had fun searching for them in our garden and observing where they like to hide.

Favorite Foods: A delightful surprise was learning that snails have a sweet tooth – their favorite food is banana! We enjoyed watching them munch on this treat.

It’s been a wonderful week of hands-on learning and discovering the wonders of nature up close. The children's curiosity and enthusiasm have been truly inspiring!