We would like to take this opportunity to offer a warm welcome to you and your family as your child begins their education at Holbeach Primary School. We are sure that they will be happy, successful learners during their time here.

At Holbeach, we strive to encourage children to be confident and independent and to make informed choices and decisions for themselves, whilst developing a caring, considerate and responsible attitude towards other people and their environment.  We believe that the consistency provided by regular sessions and routines, a familiar and consistent peer group and staff team, are significant factors in developing these life skills.


We believe that children’s education is best served through an active partnership between the school and the parents. Communication between us is key, so please do not hesitate to speak to us to let us know any good news, milestones your child has reached or to ask questions and/or discuss any concerns.

Your child’s class teacher is available in the Nursery at 8:45am each morning and at 3:30pm. Alternatively, you can telephone the school office to arrange a meeting.

Please click here for our Nursery Welcome Pack