Giant Week - Thinking Big!

Friday, May 17, 2024
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What a brilliant week it’s been in Nursery!

Our story of the week has been Jack and the Beanstalk, which has inspired lots of great activities and exploration.

Children have chosen to create beautiful beanstalks using their cutting and ripping skills.

We drew Giants and Mrs. Wilson asked the question: 'How tall is a giant?' Some of us thought a giant would be as big as the school! We also though they would be as big as the London Eye and be tall enough to touch the sky or even space!

We read Jasper's Beanstalk and discussed the essentials of what plants need to flourish—water, sunlight, soil, and care. We marveled at Jasper's determination and patience as he nurtured his tiny seed into a towering beanstalk, learning valuable lessons about perseverance and growth along the way.

But the adventure doesn't have to end in the Nursery! We encourage you to continue this exploration of nature at home. Here are a few simple ways you can carry on the learning:

🌿 Plant a Seed: Choose a plant or flower to grow together as a family. Whether it's a simple herb on the windowsill or a small flower in the garden, watching it sprout and grow can be a magical experience for children.

💧 Watering Routine: Involve your child in the care of your household plants. Teach them about the importance of regular watering and how to observe the plant's needs by checking the soil moisture.