4A Visits 3B! (Our Versions of the Story 'Weirdo')

Friday, March 8, 2024
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A few weeks ago, we wrote our own versions of the story ‘Weirdo’ by Zadie Smith and Nick Laird. We then edited and published our stories. Today, we had the opportunity to read them to 4A.

-       ‘Ms Akitoye listened to my story and she liked it!’ – Jeremiah

-       ‘Lilly said that if she could buy the book she’d buy mine and Tiago said that he liked the verbs, adjectives that and names that I used’ – Frida

-       ‘Bogdan told me that he really, REALLY liked my story and my characters’ – Noah

-       ‘When I was reading my story, Makayda was smiling’ – Lilly-Rose

-       ‘Luca said that he liked my illustrations and he told me that he supports Arsenal like me (a character was wearing an Arsenal football kit in in my story)’ – Sofiane

-       ‘Ned said that he really liked my characters and their names!’ – Victoria

-       ‘Seb asked me a lot of questions about my story and he said that he really liked it a lot’– Amirah

Thanks again 4A and Ms Akitoye!