1S Vets Role Play

Friday, February 23, 2024
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The children have been loving immersing themselves in the world of the vets this week! Before half-term we thought about what we would need to create a vets role play. The children designed a role play and wrote lists of the things they would like.

On the last day of the half -term, they worked hard to create labels and set up a vets area ready for everyone to use. This week was the first chance each group got to go in to the role play. We have been really impressed with their imagination, collaborative play and how well they have tidied up the area. We may have some future vets in 1S! 

Check out the home learning for this week (22.2.24) as there are a couple of more things we would like to add and need your help :) 

This role play has been a real hit and we know the children are going to continue to love this role play area until the end of the term.