1S Final Duckling Update

Friday, March 22, 2024
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It's a bittersweet day in 1S today. Although we are feeling sad that the ducklings left us this morning, we are also excited for our ducklings to go to their home on the farm with lots of open space and a pond for them to swim in! 

Luckily, we managed to squeeze in one more duckling cuddle before the farmer collected them this morning. Having ducklings in our classroom has really engaged the children and they have produced fantastic 'Duckling Diaries'. (look out for them in our class assembly after the holidays). It has been a topic that the children have quite literally fallen in love with! Thank you to the children for being so sensible, caring and kind towards our fluffy visitors. Thank you parents for further helping engage the children by asking questions, looking at the blog and supporting with duck themed home learning! Here are some thoughts that the children have had about the experience, as well as some facts that they have learnt:

"I will miss having the cheeky ducklings in class. I wanted them to stay for a few more days." - Eliza P

"The ducklings were so cute and I loved that I could hold them so much. I wish that I could take them home." - Royan

"The golden-eye duck first nested in Scotland in 1970." - Phoebe

"I loved the ducklings very much. They are very soft. They are very cute." - Kareem

"The older the ducklings get the cuter they get! They are omnivores. " - Maggie

"I liked it when we got to hold them." - Omodolapo

"Ducklings don't need to eat for 24 hours after they have hatched." - Joe

"I liked feeding them because when they pecked my hand it felt tickly!" - Isidora

"I liked them when they were swimming because they were splashing!" - Saatbir

"When they were swimming, they were using their legs to help them" - Joel