1S Egg Drop Challenge

Wednesday, February 21, 2024
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On Monday we received a letter from Farmer Jen inviting us to take part in 'The Egg Drop Challenge'. We needed to design, create and then test containers that could keep an egg safe when dropped from around 2 metres.

On Monday we thought about the materials and designed our containers. On Tuesday, we made them and today was the day we got to test them!! It was all very 'egg-citing'!

"I had a prediction my egg wouldn't break... and it didn't!" - Joe

"I was so happy because our egg didn't break." - Jayana

"I liked hearing the crack of the egg breaking - it was satisfying" - Omodolapo

"My egg didn't break because there was lots of padding and I made a cozy pillow with 2 cotton balls." - Isidora

"It was fun because mine didn't break." - Royan

"When I dropped my egg, it did not break" - Jax

"We made egg containers. I used some cotton wool and bubble wrap." - Aurora

"It's ok if your egg breaks." - Ummu

"I was so excited because my egg didn't break" - Olivia

"My egg nearly survived, but it did not. Next time I would add more bubble wrap." - Maggie

"I was surprised because I thought my egg was going to break and it didn't." - Vicke

"I thought my egg was going to break but it did not break." - Adeola

The children really enjoyed the challenge and will be evaluating their designs on Friday. Tell someone at home, what worked well? What might you do different next time?