Holbeach Children’s Club

What is the Holbeach Children’s Club?

Some of us parents from Holbeach Primary School have set up a new sister charity to the Friends of Holbeach, called ‘Holbeach Children’s Club’ (‘HCC’) (Charity Number: 1198485) to operate additional after and before school club provision for children from Holbeach School.
This extra provision will be independently delivered and will not be overseen directly by the school. However, just like FoH, Holbeach Children’s Club, will be closely affiliated with the school and any surplus revenue will be donated to the school.
In the trial period, the initial plan is to operate the club out of the Lewisham Irish Centre Tuesday and Thursday evenings. In time, we’d aim to add additional evening and daily breakfast club slots. The club will be Ofsted registered on the Early Years register and will employ fully qualified and vetted staff to deliver high quality care.

We still have a lot to do so watch this space for updates and an expected launch date. We’ll hopefully be ready to start registering interest for attendance by the Summer of 2022.


Chair: Michael McDermott
Treasurer: Peggy Bremicker
Lead Trustee for Safeguarding and Child Protection: Dave Hackin
Trustee for Staffing: Yusuf Solley


Whilst the club will employ a manager and fully qualified staff to deliver the care, we still need lots of help to get started. If you can offer any time at all to help, please do get in contact.
The children of Holbeach School are going to help designing our logo! Other areas where we may need help with include managing our social media, general administrative assistance, secretary (minutes of meetings); co-ordinating menu for the clubs, drafting ideas for activities and funding/grant applications.

Contact Us

Registered charity number: 1198485
Email: holbeachchildrensclub@gmail.com
Phone: 07894 639972
Address: Holbeach Children’s Club, Nelgarde Road, London, SE6 4TP


HCC Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy
HCC Staff Well Being Policy
HCC Staff Code of Conduct
HCC Online Safety Policy
HCC Health and Safety Policy
HCC Fire Safety Plan
HCC Complaints Procedure
HCC Behaviour Policy
First Aid and Medication Policy Su19
HCC Whistleblowing Policy