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Who are Friends of Holbeach?

Friends of Holbeach (FoH) is a charitable organisation run voluntarily by parents, carers and other members of the local community to raise funds to support Holbeach Primary School. The money we raise directly supports our children’s learning by subsidising all educational visits and helping to purchase equipment for the school. In addition to vital fund-raising, the events we organise are also a means of engaging the children in projects outside the classroom and giving them a real sense of pride and belonging in their school community.

What we do

We organise events throughout the school year, including bake sales in the autumn and spring terms, a Christmas jamboree, a school disco and the ever-popular Summer Fair. We rely on generous donations of time, energy and resources from all corners of the school community to make these ventures successful. We also provide support to the school in various other guises – for example in financially and logistically supporting the drive to increase planting and green spaces in the playground, providing snacks for the nursery classes, purchasing leavers gifts for out-going Year 6 classes, and filming the Christmas shows.

Although our primary aim is fund-raising, FoH also exists to provide an accessible and open-minded forum in which parents and carers can meet, share ideas and concerns, socialise and have fun and, above all, become a visible and positive presence in our children’s experience of school. We have a friendly and constructive relationship with the school’s Senior Leadership team and the money we raise is always spent entirely in line with the school’s current priorities.

How to get involved

FoH is always keen to welcome new members! You can contact us using the details below, or attend one of our regular meetings which are always advertised in the school newsletter. Meetings take place both in the mornings and evenings to try and ensure that as many people as possible are able to attend.

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If you can’t help to organise an event, then you can still support us by coming along and taking part! Buy a cake from the bake sale, bring your children along to the disco, donate a raffle prize, enjoy a burger and a game of Hook a Duck at the Summer Fair! There are countless ways you and your family can lend your support.


F.O.H Virtual Annual General Meeting 2020



Stay informed and get involved


Thursday 22nd October – 8pm


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2019/20 Committee

Co-Chairs – Clare Marks-Menzies & Lara Moss
Treasurer: Molly Dunn
Secretary: Vanessa Hermosa
Committee members – Paula Farley, Maria Green, Hannah Williams, Nicki Higgins, Ella Rowe, Sara Hemmings, Ann Moseley, Marie-Claire Denyer.

Registered charity number: 1073532

Contact Information


Facebook: Friends of Holbeach School

Twitter: @HolbeachFriends