The overarching aim of all Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) at Holbeach school is to support pupils to develop the skills and attributes they need to be safe, healthy and responsible individuals. High-quality Relationship and Sex Education (RSE) are integral to this. We aim to offer a carefully structured programme of lessons, designed to introduce concepts in an age-appropriate way and to build on these concepts each year.

The school accepts the importance of remaining sensitive to a child’s individual needs while recognising the pupils’ variety of backgrounds, experiences and stages of development. With this in mind, at Holbeach Primary School, we have designed a personalised programme of study to meet the needs of our pupils.

To help you to support your child at home, we have put together a set of resources which we hope you will find useful.

* PSHE / RSE Policy

* PSHE / RSE Holbeach Curriculum


RSE Resource Hub

- Big Talk Education: A Parents’ Guide to Relationship and Sex Education

- GOV.UK: Relationships, Sex and Health Education: Guides For Parents

- Parent Kind: Relationships and Sex Education

- RSE Hub: Ten Tips For Talking To Your Child About Sex and Relationships

- The School Run: Sex and Relationships Education – What Your Child Learns