A good understanding of basic mathematics is essential and at Holbeach time is devoted to acquiring a strong foundation in Maths.

Mathematics is all around our children and underpins many aspects of their everyday activities, from making sense of a recipe while cooking to reading the numbers on a passing bus.

At Holbeach we follow the Primary Advantage Maths Programme, which aims to empower young people to achieve their potential, to use mathematical language to talk about their work and explain their findings. Ultimately, it allows children to become effective problem solvers who have a variety of strategies at their disposal.

In our ‘Guide To Primary Advantage’ booklet (which can be viewed and downloaded here) we will explain how the programme focuses on moving children’s learning from the Concrete, to the Pictorial and then into the Abstract and how mathematical vocabulary is at the heart of your child’s learning. We will also give some ideas for activities that you and your child can use together.


The Full Primary Advantage Document
Place Value
Fractions, Decimals & Percentages
Ratio & Proportion
Properties of Shape
Position & Shape

What are the expectations for your child in Maths?

092 Holbeach The teaching of Maths has changed a lot over the years and we are aware that your child will be learning in very different ways to how you were taught at school!

We have produced a ‘Parents Guide to Maths’ for each year group, outlining the expectations for the year, what they will be taught and how you can support their understanding at home.

The leaflet covers all the areas of Maths, with examples and diagrams to help you. You can download the leaflets for all the year groups below.

Parent Guide to Early Years Maths

Parent Guide to Year 1 Maths

Parent Guide to Year 2 Maths

Parent Guide to Year 3 Maths

Parent Guide to Year 4 Maths

Parent Guide to Year 5 Maths

Parent Guide to Year 6 Maths



Times Tables Rock Stars

World famous rock musicians are the best at what they do because they’ve spent hours practising guitar chords, writing music or playing on the drums. It’s just the same with times tables – all Times Table Rock Stars need to practise and practise and practise.

It’s essential that your child does a little bit of times table practice every night. Short bursts of daily practise are more effective than spending hours once a week.

Times Table Rock Stars allows children to create a rock star character and then practise their times tables and the corresponding division facts – they are rewarded with ‘money’ and can ‘buy’ things for their rock star. They can see their own progress and compare themselves to other users.

We are excited to let you know that we have signed up for Times Tables Rock Stars to help support the children in learning, practising and consolidating their recall of multiplication facts.


All Holbeach children have a Times Tables Rock Star username and password and can access this fantastic program on a computer or Tablet (just download the free app!) or log in to ‘Times Table Rock Stars’ here

Find out more about Times Tables Rock Stars here