At Holbeach, we believe that the knowledge and skills gained through Computing are fundamental in helping children fully appreciate and understand the modern world. Replacing ICT in the 2014 National Curriculum, a renewed focus on the many aspects of the subject has allowed children to access the Computing through an even more exciting, skills-based approach.

Taught both hand-in-hand with other curriculum areas and as a discrete subject in Holbeach’s Computing Suite, pupils are given the opportunity to explore a range of up-to-date technologies, software and skills. From the use of BeeBots and Roamers in EYFS and KS1, to Coding with Python and Scratch further up the school, there is a keen attention to digital literacy and computational thinking from an early age. Creativity and allowing pupils to express themselves through technology is also of huge importance: ‘Green Screen’ Technology allows pupils to create their own exciting videos, and with the use of cameras and iPads they are able to bring their learning to life through animation, 3D design and video-editing software.

All of these strands are taught hand-in-hand with E-safety, as children are given regular guidance about how to stay safe online as an in-built feature of each unit, and also through additional PSHCE, workshops and assemblies. All children are taught how to keep their information safe and how to use technology responsibly, both in and out of school.

For those with a desire to explore the subject as an extra-curriculum activity, Holbeach offers a range of after-school clubs for the children to take part in, including Coding Club and Animation.