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6F – Contracted Words

In Literacy, we have been learning about contracted words. These are words which have been made up of two words. There is always an apostrophe and some letters are removed.

We found lots of contracted words which we use very frequently:

  • There is > there’s
  • we are > we’re
  • did not > didn’t
  • I will > I’ll
  • I am > I’m
  • could have > could’ve

Challenge: Can you find any more contracted words?

Posted by Abigail Felton on 11 Sep 2019

6F – Maths Place Value

This week in Maths, we have been making sure that our place value knowledge is secure. This is incredibly important because it helps us with all other aspects of Maths!

Posted by Abigail Felton on 11 Sep 2019

6F – Ancient Egyptian Research

In History, we have been learning about the Ancient Egyptians.

We researched information using three different types of resource:

  • books
  • the internet
  • videos

Did you find out any facts which surprised you?

Posted by Abigail Felton on 11 Sep 2019

6F Classroom Agreement

Hello Parents and Carers!

Here is a copy of our classroom agreement. As a class, we came up with ideas of how we can make sure that our classroom is a happy, safe and productive learning environment.

Posted by Abigail Felton on 11 Sep 2019

Year 6 – Home Learning Week 1 Maths Maze

Hello Year 6,

Home Learning this week focuses on addition. We’re looking forward to seeing your solutions and maybe even a few maths mazes you have created! We’ll look at these spellings next Thursday so start to memorise them now to give yourself a head start. Don’t forget to read for at least 15 minutes everyday too. The weather is going to be glorious this weekend so perhaps you could take your book to the park with you and enjoy reading in the sunshine! 😃

Have a great weekend!

Love Miss Lynch & Miss Felton

Posted by Maire Lynch on 11 Sep 2019

What are your children learning in the Autumn Term of Year 6?

Posted by Phil Morriss on 11 Sep 2019