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Home Learning 11.7.19

Next week we will be thinking about our time in Year 2. We have had a fantastic year full of learning, new experiences and wonderful memories.

Have a think about your time in Year 2. Can you draw a picture to show one of your favourite memories from this year.

Perhaps you could write a riddle and we could guess your favourite memory?

Posted by Chloe Spicer on 11 Jul 2019

2T’s Sports Day

Today 2T had a great time at the Ladywell Arena enjoying the KS1 sports day. There were lots of events the children for the children to take part in, such as; sack race, egg and spoon race, beat the goalie, parachute games, obstacle course, dressing up race and the javelin to name a few!

I hope you all had a good time!

Posted by Catherine Townsend on 09 Jul 2019

Key Stage 1 Sports Day

This Morning, we had a great time. We took part in lots of different sporting events. Tell someone at home all about it.

Well done to everyone! A big thank you to year 6 who ran the activities so well.

Posted by Alice Little on 09 Jul 2019

Home Learning 4.7.19

This week we have been thinking about how we keep our bodies healthy.

We looked at diet and nutrition and designed a healthy snack. Our snacks were delicious! You could find or design a healthy recipe and bring it in to share with the class.

Image result for balanced diet

Next week we will be looking at growing and changing. Bring in a photo of yourself from when you were a baby. Then as a class we will try and guess who the baby photo belongs to.

We have also been learning about how exercise is important to keep healthy. As next week is sports day you might want to practise some skills. Can you balance? Can you pass a ball to a friend? How many start jumps can you do in 1 minute?

Posted by Chloe Spicer on 04 Jul 2019

DT-Healthy Eating

This term in DT, 2T have been learning all about eating healthily. We have learnt about how important it is to have balanced diet and that food can be grouped into proteins, carbohydrates, fats, dairy etc.

We went on to design our own healthy snack. We thought about having some protein in our snack and mixing it with food from the other food groups.

As we prepared our snacks today we practised cutting, grating and peeling. We then got to choose from lots of healthy options what went into our healthy snacks. We finished off by taking our snacks outside and having a mini picnic.

I hope you all enjoyed eating your healthy snacks!

Posted by Catherine Townsend on 03 Jul 2019


Today, 2T visited the seaside town of Whitstable in Kent. It was our memorable experience this term, as we have been comparing urban cities to the countryside and seaside.

First we had a look around the harbour. We could see some fishing boats with fishermen loading and unloading their special equipment. We saw lots of nets, equipment for catching oysters and anchors.

Next we went inside the fish market and had a look at all the different kinds of seafood that was for sale.

Then we walked along the coastal path alongside the beach. We saw lots of boats, fisherman’s huts and colourful beach houses.

Next, we walked along the path some more and stopped to have our lunch.

After lunch we explored the beach area. The tide was out so we could look and see what had been left behind when the water had gone out. We found lots of oyster shells, normal shells, seaweed and crabs amongst other things!

We hope you had a great day 2T. Let me know which bit was your favourite part of the day.

Posted by Catherine Townsend on 26 Jun 2019

Summer Fair Song

This Saturday is the Holbeach Summer Fair. Here are the words to our song so you can practice at home.


Creepy crawlies and itchy things

Hairy legs and tiny wings

Long antennae and yellow rings

Creepy crawlies and itchy things

Look about you and you will find

Lots of insects and all their kind

Some are crawling and some can fly

Some of them are scary don’t ask me why


Caterpillars and beetles too

Ugly spiders that won’t harm you

Ladybirds and a butterfly

Lots of different colours don’t ask me why


Watch the ants as they work all day

To build a nest where their Queen will stay

They fetch her food they won’t let her die

They all work so hard don’t ask me why

(chorus – repeat)

If you are coming to sing with us please meet your teacher by the door you come through in the morning at 12:45.

Posted by Katherine Kiss on 25 Jun 2019

Home Learning 20.06.19

Next week in Maths we will be looking at data collection and analysis.

Can you create your own tally chart at home?

You could count the cars that go past your street and take a tally of the colours. Perhaps you could ask your friends and family their favourite chocolate bar and make a tally of that?

You could think about the minibeast walks we have been on this week. Go on a minibeast walk and create another tally. Is it similar/different to the results we collected?

You might want to choose your own categories.

Posted by Chloe Spicer on 21 Jun 2019

Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 Carnival dance

Can you practise our dance for carnival?

Posted by Alice Little on 21 Jun 2019

Home Learning 13.6.19


Next week in English we will be learning about riddles.

See if you can find what a riddle is at home. Can you find a book that has some riddles in or maybe you could find some riddles on the internet. Why not write your own riddle and bring it in and show us.

Posted by Catherine Townsend on 14 Jun 2019