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Year 2 Home Learning

This week in Maths we have been learning to add on the blank numberline.

To help us secure this skill and improve our mental calculation skills we need to be able to quickly add and subtract numbers to 20.

This week practice adding these numbers. Can your number bonds help you? Are there any other strategies you have.

If you know 10 + 7 = 17 Can you use a different combination of numbers to make the same answer?

e.g 10 + 5 + 2 = 17 5 + 5 + 5 + 2 = 17 11 + 2 = 17

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Posted by Chloe Spicer on 24 Jan 2020

Y2 – Great Fire of London Theatre Group

Today Year 2 not only saw a fantastic production about The Great Fire of London but also acted in it too!!!

We went to the hall filled with excitement and anticipation and was met by Samuel Pepys himself!!!

We watched a little bit of the performance and then it was our chance to take part. The children acting skills were amazing and really brought the event to life.

Can you use the photos below to tell someone at home about the production? What part did you play? Can you remember who all the characters were?

Posted by Chloe Spicer on 22 Jan 2020

2S Shared Stories

These are the stories and books we have shared this week.

Can you remember how Melric lost his magic?

Who did Emily and Stanley help?

Bernard’s mum doesn’t know that he is missing. Do you agree?

Posted by Chloe Spicer on 20 Jan 2020

Year 2 Home Learning 16.01.20

This week we have been learning about the events of the Great Fire of London.

Can you remember where the fire started? What date did the fire start?

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Next week we will be writing our recounts. Use the recount map below to practice telling the recount to someone at home.

Posted by Chloe Spicer on 16 Jan 2020

Identifying Everyday Materials in the playground

Last week we identified and named lots of everyday materials in our classroom.

Today we went into our playground to look for different uses of materials.

“I found wooden objects. There was a wooden chair and a wooden plant pot.” – Kyle

“I found wooden benches. They are made from wood because they are strong” – Elizabeth

“We had to write what materials we found and recorded in a table” – Amari

“I found a metal pipe” – Anna-Clara

“The bins are made from plastic because you can keep it clean and it’s waterproof.” – Leo

“I found a metal climbing frame” – Tia

“I found a metal container. It is made of metal so it doesn’t break” – Jake

“The scooters are rubber and metal” – Diana

“I found a wooden shed.” – Paige

“The plant pot is concrete because it is strong and it holds the water in.” – Edmond

Posted by Chloe Spicer on 15 Jan 2020


Today was the first session of tennis.

We started off with stations today. Can you remember what you had to do at each station?

What skills did you practice today? Use the pictures below to help you.

Posted by Chloe Spicer on 14 Jan 2020

What we have been reading this week.

At the end of a busy day and especially at the end of a busy week, 2S love to share a story.

This week we have read stories written by our author focus David Mckee and enjoyed stories (and jokes) children have brought from home.

What story did you like the most this week? Can you tell someone at home about one of the books we read.

Posted by Chloe Spicer on 10 Jan 2020

Year 2: Home Learning – 9.1.20

This week, we have been identifying and comparing different everyday materials such as wood, metal, plastic, glass, brick, rock, cardboard and paper.

Take a look around your house. What materials can you find and what are their uses? Which material are used the most in your house?


  • Wooden table
  • Plastic cup
  • Wooden spoon
  • Metal key

You can make a list, draw and label pictures or draw a table to show your findings!

Posted by Sheree Butler on 09 Jan 2020

Year 2 Home Learning – Christmas holidays.

Next term our new topic is….

FIRE FIRE!! We will be taking a trip back in History to look at the events leading up to and during ‘The Great Fire of London’.

Over the holidays you can begin finding out about the events. You could do some research on the internet, visit your local library or visit the monument in Pudding Lane.

Image result for the monument

The cold weather outside is also the perfect time to wrap up and enjoy a good story. Let us know what you have enjoyed reading and any recommendations you have for the class.

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We have had a very busy term! Make sure you find some time to relax and recharge the batteries, ready for another fantastic term in January!!

Posted by Chloe Spicer on 19 Dec 2019