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Year 1 Home Learning

We have been learning to play ‘Snakes and Ladders’.

Can you teach someone at home how to play. Everyone will bring home their own board which you could use! All you need is a dice and some counters!

Posted by Alice Little on 17 Oct 2019

Yr1 Home Learning

This week, we went on Safari!

Make a list of all the animals that we saw! How many can you remember? Maybe you could draw some of your favourite animals.

Also, tell someone at home all about our day. You could use the words ‘first, next, then, after that and finally’ to help you.

Posted by Alice Little on 10 Oct 2019

1L and 3C- Story Time!

This week 1L and 3C came together to share some stories that they had written in class.

We shared some brilliant stories and also enjoyed making some new friends.

Can you remember which stories we shared? What did you like best about our story sharing?

Well done everyone!

Posted by Alice Little on 10 Oct 2019

Y1 – Safari Park and Dinosaur Forest!

After a very, very, very long coach journey (the children behaved so well despite this), we finally arrived.

First, we had a ride on the safari truck and saw lots of animals. We saw giraffes, rhinos, ostriches and antelope (to name a few!). What else did you see?

Then, we walked through the dinosaur forest!

After that, we spotted a cheetah before walking up a big hill and seeing the monkeys and gorillas.

Finally we walked up A LOT of steps to see the lions and tigers.

We had a great day and behaved so well. Well done 1L and thank you to the parents who helped us today.

Look at the photos and leave me a message on this blog to let me know which animal you liked best!

From Miss Little

Posted by Alice Little on 09 Oct 2019

We are on our way to the safari park!

We are so excited! See you later!

Posted by Alice Little on 09 Oct 2019

Handa’s Surprise Dance

We have been telling our story through dance. You can watch our performance here…

We hope you enjoy it!

Posted by Alice Little on 04 Oct 2019

1L-Handa’s Surprise!

First we acted out the story and tried some delicious fruits.

Then, we made our own story theatres to tell the story.Today we used the iPads to film each other telling the story! Then we watched them back.

Can you use your theatre to tell someone the story at home?

Posted by Alice Little on 03 Oct 2019

Handa’s Surprise retold by 1L

We have been reading the Story Handa’s Surprise and learning it off my heart. Watch our performance! How many people can you tell the story to?

Posted by Alice Little on 02 Oct 2019

It’s Autumn! 1L

We have been planting bulbs for the spring! Tell someone at home all about it! We can’t wait to see the little shoots in the Spring!

Posted by Alice Little on 30 Sep 2019

Year 1 Home Learning

We have been practising our 10 times table. Can you practise counting in 10s at home? Maybe you could collect objects and put them into groups of 10. How many groups do you have? How many altogether?

Posted by Alice Little on 27 Sep 2019