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Year 1 Home Learning

We have been thinking about rhyming words and writing our own versions of ‘Hey Diddle Diddle’.

Can you make the longest rhyme string?

Here’s one to start you off: cat, fat, bat, rat, sat, that, hat.

Can you make a longer one?

Or you might like to make you own version of another rhyme. Have fun!

Posted by Alice Little on 14 Jun 2019

Year 1 Home Learning

This week we have been learning about subtraction.

Try making up your own subtraction word problem from real life.


Avin said that she had 100 cats and she lost 80. How many does she have now?

Posted by Alice Little on 07 Jun 2019

Year 1 Half Term Home Learning

Our Author Focus this term is Quentin Blake.

How many Quentin Blake books can you read? Don’t forget about the library.

Maybe you could write a book review to share with the class. Remember to include a picture too!

Posted by Alice Little on 24 May 2019

Year 1 Home Learning

In maths, we have been looking at arrays and thinking about how they help us to count more quickly. We used the words groups of and lots of to describe them.

Can you describe these arrays? Maybe you can find some more arrays at home?

Posted by Alice Little on 16 May 2019

Year 1 Home Learning

We have read, learnt and written the story Jack and the Beanstalk. Next week, we will be writing our own versions!

At home, practise retelling your new version of the story. You can use/make a story map to help you!

What have you changed? What have you kept the same?

Post some of your ideas on the blog, or bring them in next week!

Posted by Sheree Butler on 10 May 2019

Year 1 Home Learning 2.5.19

Look at the fruit and vegetables you eat this week. Where do you think they grow? Underground, on the ground or in a bush or tree?

You can write your answers on this blog or draw a picture and bring it into school. You could explain to your class how your favourite fruit or vegetable grows and bring it into school if you like!


Posted by Alice Little on 03 May 2019

Topic Overview (Summer Term) Year 1


To read the Summer Term Topic Overview click here: Y1 parent letter SUMMER

Posted by HolbeachPrimary on 03 May 2019

1B’s visit to The Albany Theatre!

Yesterday, 1B went to the Albany Theatre to watch Hansel and Gretel!

A BIG thank you, to all the adults who joined us!

Posted by Sheree Butler on 01 May 2019

Home learning Year 1 25.04.19

This week in Maths we have been finding ways to make 20, by adding two numbers.0-20 These are called number bonds.

How many different number bonds can you find for 20?

Here’s one to get you started:

10 + 10 = 20

Posted by Janet Bambury on 26 Apr 2019

Year 1 Easter Home Learning

Practise telling the time. We have been looking at O’clock and half past times.

How do you know when it is 8 O’clock? Where are the hands? What about half past 8?

You could use the clock you made to practise this.

You could wear a watch over the holidays to help you practise too.

What time do you get up? Have breakfast? A bath? Lunch? Dinner? Brush your teeth?

You could write down the times you do different things each day.

Have a fabulous holiday Year 1 and see you all in two weeks time!

Posted by Alice Little on 05 Apr 2019