Weirdo text


It was Kit’s birthday. Her present was a soft, small, sleepy surprise. “She’s perfect but why is she dressed like that?” asked Kit. The Surprise was a guinea pig wearing a judo suit.

Early in the morning, Kit left for school and the guinea pig woke up. Kit’s pets surrounded her.

“What IS she?” sneered the dog.

“She doesn’t look like one of us!” smirked the bird.

“What IS she wearing?” sniggered the cat.

“It’s for judo,” whispered the Surprise blushing.

“She says she’s a WEIRDO!” teased the cat.

The quiet guinea pig sat down all alone in Kit’s bedroom and wiped away a tear. She wanted the others to like her. Suddenly, she had an idea. First, she used Kit’s pens to make her fur the same colour as the cat’s, but it didn’t work. After that, she used Kit’s paper and scissors to make a pair of glasses like the dog’s, but it didn’t work. Next, she used Kit’s ice-lolly sticks to make wings like the bird’s, but it didn’t work.

Eventually, she had a better idea! The determined guinea pig used Kit’s balloons to FLY! Unfortunately, she blew out of the window and up. When all seemed lost, she met a lady who was called Emily. “I don’t know my name but everyone calls me Weirdo,” sighed the Surprise. Emily showed her a picture of her cheerful Aunt Melody. “She was a weirdo too. Life is too short not to be a weirdo!” said Emily. They played cards and ate macaroons until the clock struck three and the Surprise had to go home.

When Kit saw the Surprise, she gave her a very long hug. “You guys, meet Maud!” exclaimed Kit. The pets apologised and asked the Surprise to teach them judo. For the first time, Maud felt accepted. She could share her passion for judo with her new family. “You’re such a great teacher!” they said. “I guess being a weirdo isn’t all that bad after all,” smiled Maud.

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