Horniman Museum – 2B

Today, we went to the Horniman Museum, for a workshop on our topic , ‘Toys and Games’. We had an amazing time! What was your favourite part of the day?

‘It was a GREAT day!’ – Frida
– ‘It was really nice, even on the top deck of the bus!’ – Nancy
– ‘I had a nice day at the museum’ – Sofaine
– ‘My favourite part was when we saw the animal bones (skeletons)’ – Teddy
– ‘I LOVED playing with the toys!’ – Victoria
‘My favourite part was seeing the real mice and real bees’ – Jeremiah
– ‘I liked the little and big animals, I just like animals’ – Jacob C
– ‘I liked the wooden toys!’ – Aveenendra
‘I liked guessing where the toys came from and then playing with them’ – Orla

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