1S Duckling Update 🐥🐤

Today was our last full day with the ducklings as the farmer will be collecting them tomorrow. They have grown so big in the time that we have had them!

This morning we had them out to observe, some jumped into some of our laps. We also learnt some facts:

“If they survived in the wild for 10 days, they are likely to stay safe” – Cora

“If the ducklings are yellow the mummy duck is a white duck” – Lydia

“The ducklings stay behind their mummy until they are older so they can stay safe from predators” – Xavier

“They spend most of their time eating – 60% of the day” – Moussa

“Ducklings can see before they hear” – Archie

“Ducklings peck and hatch out with their egg tooth” – Ivy

“After 1 day in the nest, they can swim” – Oisin

“They have down not feathers, the down keeps them warm” – Eleanora

“Mummy duck teaches them to fly” – Ida

“After 3 months they can fly” – Rudy

“They stay together with their mother so they don’t get lost in the wild” – Rae

“It takes 24 hours for them to crack around the eggs and hatch” – Almamy

“Ducklings are in the egg for 28 days before they hatch” – Amirah

We also wrote letters to invite year 6 to come and see the ducklings. First we watched them swim. Whilst they were swimming we answered questions that the 6F had for us.

Then we showed them our duckling diaries that we had been writing.

Finally we invited 6F to hold the ducklings – as we are duckling experts in Year 1 some of us sat with the children to talk about holding them gently.

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