1S Cultural Food Tasting

Yesterday we went on a journey around the world using our tastebuds and tummies! 🌎🌏 Thank you to everyone who brought something in for us to try!

Below are the savoury foods we tried and where they are from:

Perogies – Poland, Soda Bread and Potato Bread – Ireland, Smoked Cheese -Germany, Byrek – Albania, Saltfish Fritters – Jamaica, Plantain – Africa, Kabuli Pulao – Afghanistan, Breadsticks – Italy. We also had a make your own taco station with guacamole and cheese tacos from America.

After this we tried some sweet treats from around the world including:

Eccles Cakes and Jam Tarts – England, Dutch Pancakes, Liquorice, Chocolate and Carrot cake – Brazil, Welsh cakes – Wales, Chocolate (Kinder) – Italy, Chocolate and Caramel Bread – Romania, Protein balls.

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