Year 1 Home Learning – 7.7.2022

This week we have been celebrating Sports Week! We had a fantastic time at Sports Day on Tuesday!

For your home learning this week design some of your own sports day events. You could draw a picture of them, write the rules for your sports day games or maybe even try them out yourself at home.

Perhaps you can involve your friends and family at home and hold another sports day competition? Think carefully about the space, will this be an indoor or outdoor event? Please don’t buy any equipment, get creative with what you already have!

Events could include; Who can make the tallest cheerio tower? How many pairs of socks can you match up in 1 minute? How many starjumps can you do in 30 seconds?

We would love to hear about your sports days next week and see your drawings and writing about your event!

As an extra activity, you could make some medals to give out at your sports day!

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