Jack and the Beanstalk

Look at all our amazing Jack and the Beanstalk work!


We learnt how to make the colour green, we painted curvy beanstalks to help Jack take back his gold. We  made character story props and wrote speech bubbles. We thought carefully about what each character might say and how they might say it.


In maths this week we have been investigating size. We had to work in teams to try and build the tallest/longest beanstalk. After much planning, preparation and measuring we worked out that Daniel and Earnest had made the longest beanstalk. Daniel said “We used the giant paper for the giant and that’s how we made the tallest beanstalk!”

IMG_7367IMG_7365IMG_7364IMG_7363IMG_7361IMG_7360IMG_7370IMG_7375IMG_7377IMG_7371IMG_7376 IMG_7378

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