5 thoughts on “Meeting Andy Briggs”

  1. Thanks for my compliment [but it wasn’t my idea but I’ll take it anyway -Thanks Carlos-]
    I hope you get better soon and come back to school [it’ll be nice to have you around again]. Furthermore, I really enjoyed my experience and meeting the ‘Fabulous’ Me![Not really the ‘fabulous me’ the fabulous phenomenon ANDY Briggs -no ‘ ‘ around fabulous because he actually is- ]and him [I mean Me] giving everyone a great inspiration and extravagant reasons to cherish writing. [But all my favourite shows on tv are scripted?! shocked but in my noggins I think I actually knew that.]

  2. It was great meeting Andy Briggs, and he was very inspirational, and can agree that nearly EVERYONE learnt something. I didn’t get to buy a book, but I have to say that Andy looks superb in that picture!

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