In term 1, 2T have been learning how to programme and use the Beebots. Everyone started out by designing a Beebot mat in pairs.

DSCN2037     DSCN2039


DSCN2031  DSCN2032

DSCN2033  DSCN2034


We had to try and make sure that each square was 15cm by 15cm. Once we had finished designing we started to test out the Beebots. We had to make sure we knew which direction forwards, backwards, left and right were before we started.

DSCN2040 DSCN2041 DSCN2042 DSCN2043 DSCN2044 DSCN2045 DSCN2047 DSCN2048 DSCN2049 DSCN2051 DSCN2053 DSCN2054 DSCN2055

Once we had finished that part. We had to learn how to write a set of instructions for the Beebot to move from one square all the way to another.

DSCN2072 DSCN2071 DSCN2072 DSCN2073 DSCN2075 DSCN2076 DSCN2077 DSCN2078 DSCN2079

2T have had lots of fun this term learning how to programme and have all written a brilliant set of instructions. Well done.

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  1. Finley has been talking about the Beebots at home and has even asked for one on his Christmas list!!
    The Beebots have clearly made an impact on Finley

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