Today 2S went on an educational visit. We went to the seaside town of Whitstable to make comparisons between the coastal area and urban area that we live in.

We walked through the harbour and in to the market. Whitstable is famous for oysters and some of us even got to see one being opened.

Then we carried on our walk to look at the types of houses. We also noticed that the roads and paths were narrow and that there wasn’t even a pavement on one side of the road.

Next we found a nice spot on the beach to have our lunch.

After we had our lunch, we explored the beach habitat. We were looking for minibeasts and creatures that like to live on the beach. The sand was wet and squelchy between our toes!

What was your favourite part of the day? What creatures did we find on the beach? How was Whitstable similar to Catford? How was it different?

One thought on “Whitstable”

  1. I loved seeing all those crabs because they were really fast and they were kind of pretty. I can’t wait to go back to Whitstable.

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