Habitat Experiment

Yesterday we designed an experiment to see which habitat a woodlouse prefers. We decided to have 4 different types of conditions but kept everything else the same to make it a fair test.

Here are some of our experiment designs. Can you remember what conditions we agreed?

We also made predictions. What did you predict?

Today we carried out the investigation. First we collected the materials and began creating our box of habitats.

Then we carefully collected some woodlouse. How many did we collect for each box? How many did we collect in total?

Next it was time to see which habitat they liked! We carefully put them in the box and left them for 5 mins. (We planned 10 in our experiment, but some of them tried to excape the box)

Finally, we recorded our results. We looked at them together and drew conclusions. Look at the results below. What conclusions can you make?

Most importantly at the end of the lesson we safely put the woodlouse back in their natural habitat.

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