Rainbow Theatre Visit

Today Year 2 took part in a fantastic immersive theatre experience!

We stepped back in time to 1665 and then 1666 to re-enact 2 of the most famous events to occur in the city of London.

Take a look at the photos below:

Here are some of our thoughts…

“I liked the bit when I was the nurse and I put the hot onion filled with treacle on Miss Leather” – Aaron

“My favourite part was when I said ‘Bonjour’ and ran away” – Caleb

“My favourite part was when I ran towards the fire and screamed – Alice my character died in the fire!” – Izzy

“I liked the part when Miss Leather pretended to die because she had the plague and seeing my brother Omar acting” – Siddiq

“I liked the bit when me and Siddiq had to sweep on the floor outside the bakery” – Danny

“I loved when I saw the fire up” – Taiwo

“I liked the part when they built the new town” – Samson

“It was fun when I was telling the person there was a fire.” – Sam O

“I like the bit when I said ‘Fire, fire!'” –

“I liked when Samuel Pepys came out the door at the start because I thought that would happen and it was like I was looking into the future.” – Sam M

“I liked it when Eray kept changing the number of the coin for the boat.” – George

“I like when the boy said “Bonjour” because it was funny.” Kashaan

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