Museum Visit

Today we went to the Year 5 Roman Museum.  There was lots to see, do and learn.

Here are some of the things we enjoyed.

Kashaan – I enjoyed drawing with pastels because it was fun and my picture turned out well.  The experts in Year 5 helped me too.

George – The bit I liked was when I put the armour on because it felt heavy on my shoulders.

Isaac – I liked riding the horse because it was really fun.

Sam M –  I liked the ipad experience.  You get the ipad and you focus on the picture of the Roman and the picture pops up and looks real and moves.  Then you click on test your knowledge and drag the words to the items and the words will be in the Roman language.  I learnt that “M” in Roman language is 1,000.

Rina – I liked looking at the sandals because I got to see my sisters sandals that she made.

Latishya – I liked when we cut out clothes to put on the Roman picture.  We got to colour them in too.

Thank you Year 5. We had a great time!

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