The Tiger who came to Tea

We have been reading the story of ‘The Tiger who came to Tea’!

We were kindly invited for tea at Little Nan’s house in Catford!


We took some tiger food, just in case a tiger should turn up…


We drank tea from a tea pot and ate yummy cakes. We were very polite and used our manners. We only took ONE cake and had ONE drink! We always said please and thank you!

But all of a sudden, there was a ring on the bell!

We were very surprised! It was a TIGER!

We offered the tiger our tiger food and he ate it all!!! Owp!



We said “Would you like a cup of tea?” But the tiger didn’t take ONE cup, he drank the whole pot!!


And he ate all the cakes on the plate!


We think we might need to teach him some manners but we did have a lovely time with the tiger! We hope to see him again (but we might buy an extra big tin of tiger food next time!)


Let me know which part of our visit to Little Nan’s you enjoyed the most. You could tell me on this blog! Miss Little 🙂


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