1L’s visit to Horniman Museum and Gardens

Today, we visited the Horniman Museum to look for lots of different types of birds to help us with our work in Art.

We took the 185 bus all the way to the museum.

We found lots of different animals to look at. We were amazed by them all. We sketched some of our favourite birds. We looked at them very carefully and took our time so we could include lots of fine detail in our drawing.

Then, it was time for lunch. Yum!

Afterthat, we found a little farm in the park.

Then, we found some musical instruments and a big bird!

We also found some signs of Spring in the gardens!

Daffodils and Daisies!

We had a brilliant day! A big thank you to our adult helpers who came along with us. We couldn’t of done it without you!!

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