Year 1 Long Distant Learning wb 1st June

Hello Year 1,

We hope you enjoyed half term and are ready for another week of fun!

Do you remember listening to Handa’s Surprise at school and making your own little books? This week we are going to enjoy this story again but we have some different activities for you this time!

Here is our story:



D + T


Phonics game


4 thoughts on “Year 1 Long Distant Learning wb 1st June”

  1. Hi miss little
    Yesterday I finally finished my 200 Km which means I ,am more confident at riding my bike but …
    not on my new bike because my other bike is too small so I need new bike. Today I went to the park with my mummy, brother and my granny and we had lots of fun at Beckham place park.
    Thanks for sending through the how bees make Honey video and I love how the bees vomit the
    nectar into another bees mouth. I Hope that you had a good half term too.
    Lots of♡♡♡♡♡from Sam.

    1. Hi Sam,

      Well done on completing the challenge! You should be super proud of yourself. How exciting, a new bike! You must be growing, Sam!
      I’m glad you enjoyed the bee video and the park! I had a good half term, thank you. I enjoyed going for lots of walks in this lovely weather! Thanks for sending your rainbow. Are you going to make a fruit kebab this week?
      Love from Miss Little

  2. Hi miss little
    Yep miss little I am growing up . I am going to make fruit kebabs with one Apple chunk dipped in chocolate and put only one Apple chunk at the end of one fruit kebab. I am proud of myself
    too much I could laugh my neck off which is funny. How are your cats miss little ? I hope
    You have lots of rainbow pictures on the blog and I Hope that you loved my rainbow picture too.
    I hope that you are having lots of lovely letters from the class and here’s one from me (I miss the
    class very much♡♡♡♡♡). lots of love from Sam .

    1. Hi Sam,
      Yummy! I bet your kebab will taste delicious !
      I can’t wait to put all the rainbow photos together. I love yours, of course.
      My cats are fine, thank you. They wish they could come to school again!

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