Troll Week – The Three Billy Goat’s Gruff

This week we have been reading the traditional tale ‘The Three Billy Goat’s Gruff’. We made a new home for the trolls. We planned our ideas and then selected the resources we needed to create these beautiful bridges. Elizabeth and Sarah made a village with a slide and a bedroom for the troll family.


We wrote our own traditional tales, we thought about character, setting the problem and the solution. Our stories are proudly displayed in our classroom. IMG_7284IMG_7282IMG_7286IMG_7283IMG_7292IMG_7287IMG_7289IMG_7281



We designed and made clothes for the trolls and ponies. We worked hard to measure the material and learnt how to join the fabric together so that it was secure.


We painted pictures of trolls.



Did you know that trolls smell really bad! Well, not anymore – thanks to Purple Class they now smell delightful.

We made perfume for the trolls…IMG_7139IMG_7140


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