Hope everyone is safe and well and having a lovely half-term…

Here are some photos of Edie. She has been getting very creative at home.

Look at the amazing jungle Edie and her sister Esme made!
Edie watched the story of Swan Lake. She listened to the music and then made up her own dance.
I look forward to seeing it Edie – and I love your ballerina’s tutu made from cake cases!
Edie has also been writing about the things she has been doing. Wow! How lovely to be by the sea on a sunny day. I’m glad you kept your hat on!

Great work Edie!

Thank you for sending me your pictures so I can share them with your pals. It’s so fab to see you looking so happy and well and to see your amazing work.

If you would like to do the same, ask your grown-up to send your pictures to: redhomelearning@holbeach.lewisham.sch.uk

Bye-bye for now.

Take care of your little sleves and stay fabulous.

Lots of love,

Ms lowinger

ps. I bumped into Sayde at the park today – what a lovely surprise that was!


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