Wick Court Farm -Day 3

We’ve been busy little bees today! All of the children visited the beehive to see the honeybees, some even managed to spot the queen bee!

Both groups also did some birdwatching and spotted a range of different birds. We visited the hide to look at some of the feeders and looked out across the river Severn to see some other varieties.

The children have had to help out with the farm waste and put it into the composter, before going to visit the cows being milked.

Some other lucky children have been training the lambs! They had to show them how to follow instructions and groom them.

We also had some fun encounters when weighing the pigs. They weren’t too keen to get into the scales and needed a lot of coaxing.

4 thoughts on “Wick Court Farm -Day 3”

  1. So many things to hear about!
    And all this with glorious sunshine!
    I hope you’re all sleeping well with that fresh air and active farming.
    Big squeeze for Oscar and Daisy x

  2. Hello Year 5! You all look so happy!

    I hope you’re having a great time and enjoying all the activities. Make sure that you’re eating and sleeping well- you need all the energy!!

    We can’t wait to hear about everything that you’ve done, see you soon,

    Miss Felton x

  3. Looks like a perfect day to me.
    Thanks so much for sharing these awesome memories.
    I can’t wait to see what you guys are going to get up to today!

  4. Wow, the children are having lots of fun, exploring and learning all at the same time. Enjoying the lovely weather out there.

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