Wick Court Farm Day 3

Our first job this morning was to herd the sheep from their overnight pen into the field. We worked together as a team and did a great job. Unfortunately, one cheeky little lamb escaped and Farmer Stuart had to run off and catch it!
After that our teams fed all the animals and did some birdwatching (one group spotted 18 different types of bird including great tits, goldfinches, blue tits robins and pheasants).
Children got creative today by willow weaving and drawing treasures from nature that we discovered on our walk.
We enjoyed (yes, enjoyed) mucking out the horses today and loved grooming them.

One group walked to Oldbury Dairy to watch the cows being milked. Whilst there we were able to meet Meg, the vet and watch her treat one of the young calves.
Before bed this evening, we had a fun Wick Court Farm quiz, hot chocolate and a small piece of Miss Awosiyan’s birthday cake!

5 thoughts on “Wick Court Farm Day 3”

  1. What an amazing trip! I wish I was there!

    We loved the letter, Sam. Thank you.

    Have a brilliant day today.

    Love Clare, James, Tristan, Sylvia and Snowy. x

  2. Aww such lovely pictures, the group ones are great. Fun, fun, fun !! Keep enjoying year 5 and teachers.

  3. How magic it is to see the happy faces of the Holbeach farmers, big and small! It’s a good thing Farmer Stuart managed to catch the cheeky escapee. Keep making brilliant memories. 😀

    Miss Izibili

  4. Wow what wonderful photos – you guys all look so happy. Keep on enjoying yourselves and thanks for the letter Anya – we loved hearing about your adventures.
    Love Mum, Dad and Callum

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