Wick Court Farm – Day 1

We’ve arrived! After having a walk around the farm site, we enjoyed our first task. Some children were feeding and collecting eggs from the hens and feeding the pigs. The other group were helping to look after the cows. We’re all very excited to see what tomorrow may bring.

7 thoughts on “Wick Court Farm – Day 1”

  1. Lovely to see you have arrived safe and well and are straight into farm life. Hope you all slept well, today is great weather so enjoy and have fun, your first full day!

  2. Lovely to see you all straight into farm life. Hope you all slept well and enjoy your first full day, you have beautiful weather and good company, have fun!

    I need to think of a cow joke for when you get home now.

  3. Hi Florence. Have a brilliant birthday on Wednesday. Lots of G Dad treats when you get back. Please smuggle a pig back for me if you get a chance. Xx

  4. Happy 10th birthday for tomorrow Florence, have a great day. Hope you’re enjoying the farm. Love nana xx 🥰

  5. Happy Birthday Florence!! Have a lovely day , so cool to spend it with all these sweet animals!! See you soon and lots of love 💕 Mimi xxxooo

  6. Hi Florence, hope you’re having a lovely birthday with all your friends and the lovely farm animals, and please don’t bring a pig back for grandad! Love nana xx 🥰

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