Welcome to Reception – Purple Class

To all our families and children we extend a warm welcome. We hope you all enjoyed your summer break and settled well into the school routine. We are so proud of the children and they have settled exceptionally well so far and have enjoyed their first week in school.

Jemimah is making soup. She carefully cuts the flowers and counts 10 petals into her pot.
We have been learning to use watercolours. We have been experimenting with colour mixing. Tiago worked out how to make purple and Rowan made brown.
The children are developing their focus and concentration skills. The children stayed at this activity for a prolonged period of time. They made a variety of things with the ingredients: apple pies, lemonade and food for the gorilla.
The children are pretending to be gorillas climbing up a tree. They are working hard on developing their balance and gross motor skills.
Abass has made a gingerbread man. He sings to himself, “Run, run as fasts as you can, you can’t catch me, I’m the gingerbread man”.
Viyaan has made “a giant number cake”. He excitedly places the number stones on his cake, naming each number as he places it on.

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