2S Visit to the Horniman Museum

Today 2S went on an educational visit to the Horniman Museum. After a long but very sensible wait in the pouring rain for our bus, we were on our way to the museum.

Once we got there, we took part in a workshop all about toys from around the world.

First we sat down and listened to a story. Can you remember the story the teacher told us?

Then we had a chance to play with and look at lots of different toys. We looked closely at toys made from recycled materials, we experimented with push and pull toys. We also looked at toys you can tell stories with and that were for hand eye coordination and learning.

Then we had lunch!

“My favourite part of the day was lunch and my favourite toy was the tractor that had spinning wheels and knocking bits.” – Edmond

“I like the little red riding hood because it turned into granny and the wolf” – Elizabeth

“My favourite bit of the day was when we were doing our toy workshop” – Diana

“My favourite part of the day was sitting on the bus with Hasan. We played rock paper scissors. ” – Kaiden

“I liked the part when we were playing with the toys. My favourite toy was the ladder that the man moved down.” – Noah

“I liked the toy when you get the ball in the cup.” – Tia

“My favourite toy was the toy that moved the two tin cans. You can roll them on the floor and they make a nice music sound.” – Amari

“I liked the aeroplane toy.” – Cruise

“I liked the toy that had the crocodile and the man.” – Ralphie

“My favourite toy was the jacobs ladder that flips down.” – Jake

“I like the giraffe toy made of flip flops and the push toy that makes the man go floppy.” – Adam

“I liked lunch and the bus journey” – Eden

“I liked the toy where you take out all the girls layers the russian doll and I liked the giraffe and the rhino made out of flip flops and the worry dolls.” – Shziyrah

“I liked everything!” – Keyon

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