Red Class go on a Bear Hunt

This week, we have been learning the Bear Hunt story. Every day, we recreated a different experience form the book and we made a page each day for our own Bear Hunt books.

On Monday, we made wind, we described it using all our sense, we drew ourselves on a windy day and wrote lots of windy words.

On Tuesday, we went for a splash. We dipped our fingers in bowls of water, we described it using all our sense. Then, we drew ourselves splashing in the river and wrote lots of wet words.

On Wednesday, we made mud, it was a messy day! We squelched our mud and drew ourselves squelching and squerching.

Brrrrr on Thursday, it was icy. We drew ourselves sliding and gliding and wrote some of our fantastic icy descriptive words.

On Friday we got cosy and warm, as we went into the bear’s cave.

In maths this week we had a pancake race, we counted the flaps of the fan and raced the pancakes across the floor. We shared objects fairly between two and then three toys. We made binoculars for going on a bear hunt, we wrote numbers on them so we could adjust the level of zoom. Finally we made maps to show where we had gone on our bear hunt.

In school they got ‘toasty’ and warm! They went on a fantastic bear hunt around the playground and used all their sense to explore the bear hunt story.

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