Red Class Are Artists

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Today, we looked at some art works by Chris Ofili.

“She has big eyes.”

“A necklace.”

“She has red lipstick.”

“I like her hair.”

“A monkey!”

“It has a very long tail.”

“What is he holding?”

“He’s got a hat!”

No Woman, No Cry 1998 Chris Ofili born 1968 Purchased 1999

“I don’t like it, she’s sad.”

“She’s crying.”

“Her chest is a fire.”

This week in Red Class we’re going ‘Into The Woods’, so we used this picture by Chris Ofili to inspire our drawings of trees.

We decided not to use a special ingredient Chris Ofili has used in the past, if you don’t know what it is ask Red Class.

“I drawed it, that’s beautiful! Yeah! Yahoo! That’s beautiful.”

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