Red Class and the Paper Bag Princess

Wowzers Red Class, another awesome week! We are so proud of you all, 6 weeks of remote learning and you’re doing an amazing job.

This week we had a wonderful time on Wednesday for Express Yourself Day. Here is a video celebrating some of the fabulous ways we expressed ourselves.

Our story this week was the Paper Bag Princess. We designed dragon chasing adventure kits and thought up new challenges to tire out the dragon. We drew the end of the story where Elizabeth call Ronald a rude word (he deserves it!) and we made dragon puppets, which we used to dance in the new lunar year.

In Maths this week we made repeating patterns with two objects and then we made patterns with three objects. We drew number castles and shape dragons.

In PE we have been practising 4 types of jumps. We spent two days practising hopping and hop scotch, then ladder and criss-cross jumps. Finally, we put them together to make a circuit of jumps.

We had lots of fun playing in the snow

In school they’ve been busy, creating their own paper bag outfits, making lanterns for lunar new year.

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  1. Fantastic work Red Class. You’ve been amazing this half term. Enjoy your well deserved break (and you too Miss Bell & Mrs Canaj!)

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