Project Schoolhouse Garden

You may have noticed that the Schoolhouse garden has been looking slightly overgrown!

This week some professional gardeners came in to clear the masses of overgrown weeds.

The nursery children offered a helping hand to pull up some of the weeds and bag up some of the mess.

The Early Years team have taken on the challenge to turn the space into a beautiful horticultural area which will include-

-An area to hunt for minibeasts and learn how to handle living things

-A range of plants and flowers to care for

-A compost area so that the children dispose of their fruit waste

-A digging area for children to practice with tools

To help set up the area we need some donations of the following items-

Seeds, plants, small trees, pallets, tyres, gardening tools, gardening gloves, compost, trellis, bricks, watering cans, rocks and garden decorations.

If you would like to offer any help, support or advice on how we can make a wonderful space for the children, please see Mrs Collette in the nursery.

All donations can be dropped to the nursery.

Thank you.

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