3C’s visit to Horton Kirby to explore its part in the History of World War 2

On Wednesday 27th April, 3C travelled by coach to Horton Kirby to begin to learn about World War 2.
We explored Horton Kirby’s role in the war in a variety of ways – listening to true stories from the war (retold by Mr Berry); handling original artefacts; playing games that children in 1940 would have played and by ‘going back in time’ to attend a 1940’s lesson.
During our lesson, the siren sounded so we had to leave the classroom and go into the air raid shelter situated in the playground. We sang some war time songs by torchlight as it was so dark in the shelter.
It was a truly memorable day and 3C were absolute superstars, displaying excellent learning behaviour. They were a credit to Holbeach and I really enjoyed accompanying them on this educational visit.

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