Nursery Easter Fun!

The nursery children have been looking at signs of spring. We have lots of new flowers growing in our garden and we have been learning how to care for them and resisted the temptation to pick them!

We learnt about Daffodils and the different parts- Stem, Petals and Trumpet. Can you spot any Daffodils when you’re out and about? Tell your family about the different parts.

We made flowers using loose parts. This is called Transient art.

We patterned some Easter eggs. We have been learning about writing left to right and top to bottom of the paper.

Today we went on an adventure to find the Easter Bunny! The Easter Bunny told us that baby Rabbits are called Kittens. We hunted for one egg each. The eggs were delicious!

In Phonics we have been learning about Syllables. Syllables are the different parts of a word. For example Tiger has two syllables- Tig/er.

See if you can clap the Syllables in your families’ names.

We sorted animals by the number of Syllables in the name.

Here are some more photos of the busy learning that has been happening.

Have a lovely Spring Break with your families. Try to spend some time outside in the garden or the park.

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