Music Matters

Miss Middleton has put together some fantastic music resources for all our Holbeach families. Come and have a look

Summer Term Topics

We have put together some fantastic music resources to go with your Topics for this term.

Year 1

A song about planting beans

A BBC radio programme about listening for and recognising sounds in the environment.

Year 2

One, two three, good to be me

A song about what we need to care for ourselves.

Plus an activity sheet link:

Year 3

World war II big band music and dancing – Lindy hop

A song called ‘Keep Calm and Carry on’ from a musical on world war II

Two famous war songs to listen to. ‘Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag’ and ‘It’s a long way to Tipperary’

Year 4

Click here for Traditional Guatemalan music (where Mayan people still live) –  it features an instrument called a marimba

Some Ancient Mayan music to listen to.

And some traditional mayan music played now:

Year 5

A song about Roman numerals:

Horrible Histories ‘Bolshy Boudicca’ song:

Year 6

A Thames Festival song for kids’ choir 2016 at the Scoop with some views of London:

And another calypso song from Lord Kitchener (Windrush link):

A song for building unity, trust and teamwork, while exploring conflict and resolution. A pertinent theme for today’s world​

The next two activities are from the Birmingham Contemporary Music Group and are both about composition – one with natural objects, and the other with instruments.

Come and have a look at this fantastic drumming workshop which is part of a series. Here are the first four…

The first two are samba rhythms

The last two are west African rhythms

This is the PS22 choir from Chicago – ‘Say Something’:

Song of the Week

‘Sing Up’ have been having a ‘Song of The Week’ A great song for the whole family to learn each week. Click here for this weeks song.

Here is a bit of ceilidh dancing from the Nest Collective and the Ceilidh Liberation Front!

A bit about Beethoven and his 5th symphony from BBC Teach:

Year 6 learn about Windrush in the Summer Term, so here is Lord Kitchener on the Windrush, being questioned by a reporter:

And here is the full song:

PS22 Chorus:

Sheku Kanneh-Mason – Rachmaninov, Elegie

BBC Ten Pieces at Home: Get Creative With Classical Music

WWII songs for year 3:

Songs about the Romans for year 5:

Lewisham Zoooom Choir

‘Lewisham Music are delighted to announce that we have launched our new Zoooom Choir. ‘

The choir is for families with children in Y2 – Y8 and if you sign up you can access these great sessions.

Click here to find out more about Lewisham’s Zoooom Choir

‘In order to take part parents will need to sign up and agree to read and comply with our online safety policy. You can find all the relevant information at’

Myleene’s ‘Music Klass’

Singer and pianist Myleene Klass is giving music lessons from home via YouTube, joined by her talented daughters Ava and Hero. And they’re getting a whole load of new people into music.

Myleene’s ‘Music Klass’ is taught via YouTube, and it’s bringing music to people stuck at home in the most amazing way.

Click on the links to access a fun music lesson

The one where the Klasses play the glasses!

The one where we learn the Tonic Solfa

The one where we show you where all the music came from

The one where we learn basic rhythms and then play your name

The one where I teach you the difference between major and minor and maybe play the piano backwards!

The one where we learn about dynamics and say them in Italian

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