Isle of Wight – Day 3

Hello! We have had another lovely day!

We started of by taking a chairlift down to the beach. It was a bit scary at first but we all loved it in the end.

Then we got onto a boat and had a cruise around the Needles.

After that, we travelled to Black Gang Chine.

We went to the beach for the final time and had so much fun!

Today was Nia’s birthday and we made sure that we made her feel special! There were balloons, presents, cards and a cake!!

14 thoughts on “Isle of Wight – Day 3”

  1. Happy 11th Birthday to our beautiful Nia 6G. we can see that you are having the time of your life with your friends and teacher’s. Ellie belly is missing you loads.

    Love you Dad, Mum and the rest of the family

  2. Beautiful pics, the kids sure look real happy.
    Can see Nannie’s ❤is having a wonderful time, we all love and miss you baby.
    Nannie waits patiently to see the pics. Take care my ❤, miss you. Thankyou the the staff.
    Your nannie 4 EVER💞

  3. It’s nice to see happy faces. I would be scared of this chairlift too 🙃 . Can’t wait to see what you are up to tomorrow 😏
    xxx ❤

  4. Beautiful photos, amazing. I can see everyone have great times. Happy Birthday Nia 🎂 🥳 🎉

  5. That chair lift 😲
    It’s so nice to see these pictures and it looks like another fun filled day.
    Enjoy your adventures today.

    Ps: Happy Birthday Nia 🎂

  6. Aw, wow – that chairlift looks exciting! I bet you felt butterflies on your tummies (I know I would:)
    I hope you have another fantastic day today and have some more ice cream.
    Ines – love you more :0)

  7. Happy Birthday for yesterday Nia! You all look as if you’re having an amazing time, enjoy the go karting experience, glass factory and of course shopping today! We know you will also be getting for your disco this evening – Mrs Mills loves the disco! ENJOY, ENJOY, ENJOY.

  8. Amazing pictures, lovely to see you all having so much fun.
    Happy Birthday Nia.
    Love Nana and Grandad xx

  9. Lacey. I’ve tried to give you your grown up time so have not messaged but Mummy,Lucas and Talia missssss you much. Lucas has been counting the days until you are home. Can’t wait to see you tomorrow but hoping and by the looks of it you are having an amazing time and that’s all I could wished for. I love you my princess.
    Thank you to all the teachers that have made this possible and engaged to make all the children so happy x

  10. Oh nu look at the beach fun. I wish I was there enjoying the beach!!

    Happy birthday Nia. Hope you had good fun on your bday with friends.

    Enjoy everyone. Take care all.

    Love you loads Haasya.
    Viyaan is missing you and the little fights 😛

  11. Amelia would of been nice to see more pics of ur trip there’s not that many of you. But I’m glad you had fun I love you and missed you loads. Can’t wait to have you back tommrow

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