1S Strawberry Picking 🍓

Today year 1 went on an educational visit to Stonepitts Farm.

First we all got on the coach, excited for our day to begin.

When we arrived at the farm, Jackie who is one of the farmers, talked to us about how traditional strawberries are grown.

Weall had an empty punnet to begin with.

Before we picked strawberries for our punnet, we all got to try one.

Then the picking began. Can you remember what strawberries we were looking for? How many do you think you picked?

Florence found strawberries with her name!

After that, we had a picnic lunch and luckily the weather stayed dry for us.

After a good run around the field it was time to head home! It was a fantastic day. Thank you to all the adults that came and helped.

Enjoy your strawberries eveyone!!

2 thoughts on “1S Strawberry Picking 🍓”

  1. It looks like you had a brilliant day – and the strawberries were delicious! Thank you very much to all the staff and helpers.

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