1S Pancake Making

As part of our topic ‘Eggs lets get cracking’ we have been looking at recipes with eggs. We also read the story ‘Mr Wolf’s Pancakes’ this week. Can you remember what happened in the story? Did Mr Wolf get any help from his neighbours? How did his neighbours make him feel? Can you remember what happened at the end of the story?

Today was our turn to make our own delicious pancakes, the thought of them made our tummies rumble and us lick our lips just like Mr Wolf! After designing our dream pancakes in groups we made the batter. Can you tell someone at home the ingredients we used? What did we do first?

After making our yummy pancakes it was time to add the toppings and enjoy them!

After we had enjoyed our tasty pancakes it was time for a competition!! We had a pancake flipping competition to see who could flip a pancake in the pan. (We used a cool pan and a pancake that we didn’t eat after!) We were all so impressed with each others skills and pancakes in the air and on the floor certainly made us laugh!!

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