1L- Who Pushed Humpty Dumpty?!

Last Friday, a terrible crime happened…

Humpty was pushed off a wall…AGAIN!

PC Lucie needed help to solve this crime…

Luckily the police officers in 1L were ready to help!

They found a witness and used Mrs William’s statement to help them.

1L then planned and wrote some reports for The Fairytale Times.

Here we are planning our reports. We drew a map to help us remember. Then we practised telling each other our reports.

Here are the finished reports. Can you help?

Look at our wonderful writing! Well done 1L!

2 thoughts on “1L- Who Pushed Humpty Dumpty?!”

  1. Wow, Year 1! What great detectives and reporters you are. I really enjoyed reading your writing. Well done everyone!

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